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Dr. Jesse Maina Kinyua Publications

Publications on Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. Ndegwa, D. W and Kinyua J.M (2018). Strategic Measures Employed by National Drought Management Authority for Drought Mitigation in Kenya. International Journal of Management and Commerce Innovation, Sept 6(1):802- 812
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Research Projects:

1. Kinyua J.M., Iravo M. A. & Namusonge G.S. (2016). Stakeholder Management Strategies and Financial Performance of Deposit Taking SACCOs in Kenya, PhD. Thesis: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
2. Kinyua J.M. & Aosa E (2010). Strategic alliances between JKUAT and middle level colleges in Kenya, Unpublished MBA research project, University of Nairobi.
3. Kinyua J.M. & Muriithi S (2006). An Investigation of the Causes of Poor Performance in Kuscco Education and Training Program. (A Case Study of Kuscco Ltd Mt. Kenya Region). A Project undertaken and submitted to KIM in partial fulfillment of the requirement of a Diploma in Business Management.
4. Kinyua J.M. & Kwasa S.O (1997). Social and Economic Impact of Cost Sharing in Public Universities in Kenya (A case study of University of Nairobi). Unpublished research Project undertaken in partial fulfillment of the requirement of a Degree in B.A Economics, University of Nairobi.